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Our expert team will turn your books, articles and stories into audio using the latest AI voices.

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Save yourself the worry of complex software with expensive pricing plans. Send us your file and get the audio back fast.

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We've successfully processed thousands of audio files that have helped educators, schools and businesses worldwide.

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    Great staff that communicates quickly. Nice to have someone else do the work for me. Cheap and on time. Thanks.
    John, COO Apex 27
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    Really helpful staff. They helped prepare my text files and the audio results were brilliant.
    Mark, IELTS Teaching Services
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Check our FAQ to learn more about our pricing and how to prepare your file for the best possible results.


What we do, do you qualify and more

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  •   What are Speeke's benefits? converts text to realistic Ai voices. Our key advantages are;

    🟦 Larger sizes, convert text files up to 100,000 words. Perfect for books.

    Simple pricing, $1/1,000 words or part thereof.

    Pay as you go, only pay for what you need

    🟦 No lock in, no monthly plans.

    🟦 Done for you, specialists will convert for you.

    🟦 Live support and job tracking.

  •   What is Speeke's pricing?

    🟦 Standard Pricing
    $1/1,000 words, or part thereof.
    $10 Minimum per text file.
    $10 Convert text file again

    🟦 Example
    Your text file contains 25,700 words. The first time you convert is $26 (26x$1). You get the audio and notice some spelling, grammar or pronunciation issues, so you edit the text file and decide to convert it again, $10. So the total price will be $26+$10=$36.

    🟦 Notes
    Pricing applies to plain text files. We calculate word count based on 5 characters. So a 50,000 character document will be 10,000 words. Contact us for custom voice or editing requirements.

  •   How do I prepare my text file for conversion?

    Export readable files

    🟦 Proofing: Review your document for any spelling errors, grammar mistakes, or unclear sentences. Our voice system will read the text as it is, so make sure the file is readable.

    🟦 Format: Ensure that your text file is properly formatted with clear sections, paragraphs, and punctuation. This will help our AI voice system to understand the text more accurately.

    🟦 Simplify: Please ensure your text files do not have any footnotes, equations or scientific annotation. Contact us if you wish to include these.

    🟦 Grouping: You can group different documents into the same text file to save money. They will all be processed using the same voice style you choose.

    🟦 Check your file for uncommon or specialized terms, acronyms, names, equations or formulas, we can provide custom pronunciation help

    🟦 Export: Please export as a plain text file (.txt) from your word processing application.

    Custom Services

    If you'd like to save even more time and hassle, let our specialists prepare your file, then convert it. We can also provide additional help if you need to convey a specific tone or emotion. Check our pricing page for details.

  •   Are there any usage or licensing considerations?

    It's always wise to check the licensing and copyright for the text you want converted to voice. Assuming your content does not have prior copyright or licensing issues, you are free to use the audio we generate commercially if required.

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Select from a wide range of standard styles, or add Premium voices for only $10 per file. For other requirements please contact us.

    sentiment_very_satisfied Standard Voices
    • Barry
    • David
    • Gina
    • Hilary
    • Jack
    • Joanna
    • Joey
    • Kimberly
    • Matthew
    • Salli
    Premium Voices
    • Andrew
    • Barty
    • Cathy
    • Erica
    • Filipa
    • Georgie
    • Ian
    • Jackson
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Message us with a question or conversion request. ◼︎ You'll get a tracking number and helpful advice. ◼︎ Cancel requests at anytime before payment.

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We will pre-check your text file.Then forward a secure payment link based on your word count. After confirmation of payment we'll process your text file. Cancel at anytime before payment.

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  Your text converted to voice
  Convenient download link
  Single mp3 audio file
  Full commercial license
  Stripe payment receipt
  Ongoing service

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  Your text converted to voice
  Convenient download link
  Single mp3 audio file
  Full commercial license
  Stripe payment receipt
  Ongoing service

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Stacks Image 9 helps you turn every word into compelling, realistic AI voices. No fixed plans, pay as you go with friendly service.

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Stacks Image 21 helps you turn every word into compelling, realistic AI voices. No fixed plans, pay as you go with our friendly service.

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◼︎ Pricing
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